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The Kimera series, TK72.HW (Hight-performance Windows),

synergistically keeping the profile shells and the accessories of the major series, with the insertion of an innovative 34 mm. long-lasting polyamide bar to allow the thermal-breaks, the excellent static and the perfect balance offered by its profiles it’s the right answer to the increasing demands of the market, as its outstanding performance places it at the apex among the products of the category).

Mechanisms and accessories of high quality and high functionality and design also provide for the “Kimera” remarkable performance:

  • Euro-groove hardware or front mounting tape in the groove 16 mm.
  • Turn-tilt fittings up to kg. 200 – wings with capacity up to kg. 300.
  • Hinges traditional view or with a concealed hinge, with the possibility of mounting anti-burglary equipment and the most modern home automation.

The wide range of profiles, the large repertoire of accessories and quality finishing, allow the creation of all types of frames, with windows in one, two or more wings, with fixed sides or vasistas openings or sliding openings in parallel also bicoloured aluminium.


Wide range of customizations with smooth wings or blunt solutions , and with the possibility to install squared, rounded or chamfered glazings and with un-hinging screws.


Fixed Frame 71 mm

Wing 81 mm

Glasses up to 50 mm.

Thermal Insulation (valori ottenuti su una finestra 1 anta 1230 x 1480 mm.)

Uf 1.49 W/m K

Ug 0,5 – Psi 0,036

Uw 0.86 W/m K