Our passion starts from within

A passion, that comes from within, this is our leitmotif that captures the essence of the business of Termika.

Passion, technology, research and development, a combination that summarizes and encloses the concept that the company wants to communicate.

A passion focused on improving quality levels to offer a product suited to the needs, highly innovative and functional.

Our Mission

“To help partner companies improve their work and profit efficiency, offering cutting edge products and management by automatizing the pipeline with care and attention. Our experience and skills is at service to deliver top quality “made in Italy” services to our clients.

To create and share a partnership with our clients, a long term value, commitment, transparency and sustainability in personal growth.

Termika is inspired by principles that guide each of our actions; it’s a unique approach to its work. Our philosophy always aims to respect and promote human rights, a fair-trade working standard and environment friendly processes”.

Our Vision

“We work towards making the Termika brand a new established standard in the world of window and door builders.

We aim to innovate and offer the best products to become industry leaders.
We want to excite our clients with extraordinary experiences and products, beautifully made, bringing experience, passion and joy in the work.”

Our Policy

Listening to the market’s needs we develop and create our top quality products to accommodate the highest expectations, taking advantage of our partners to take care of a broad distribution on the territory.
Our strategy on distribution allows us to offer our clients smart and convenient solutions by streamlining the process and making it financially sustainable. Our line of products is the result of our efficient workflow that allows us to achieve high standards, high demand and the highest quality possible.